Decorama Blinds - BISTRO BLIND

Ideal protection from rain and wind when entertaining out doors. Made from a heavy duty PVC film the Bistro blind is suited for enclosing patios, pergolas, balconies or any outdoor areas which are subject to the elements. Simple to use rope and pulley mechanism and an effective seal against harsh weather conditions

-.75mm UV coated clear PVC film
-Heavy duty zips with reinforced stitching
&Quality easy to use rope and pulley mechanism
*Excellent optical clarity
-Strap.s for securing when not in use

Bistro Zip Joiner
Extend the width of your Bistro blind by attaching two or more blinds together using the Bistro Zip Joiner.

The joiner is a strip made for the same PVC film as the blind with zippers on both sides which enables two blinds to zip together

Simply unzip and remove the end flap from each blind as seen in the diagram below and attach each blind either side of joiner and zip together.

HOW TO INSTALL 1. Blind must be fixed to cross beam. To attach blind you need to measure and drilled holes in cross beam in line with holes in head rail of blind. 2. mark your beam in accordance to your measurement and drill holes. 3. Simply line-up head rail holes with holes in cross beam and fix with coach bolts provided in pack. 4. Fix cleat to side post to tie back cord when blind is rolled up. 5. Reduce movement of blind by fixing base anchor plates to ground at each end of blind and securing end straps to base anchor plate.

ADDITIONAL FIXING For a more secure fitting you can attach blind to side post using wall anchor plate. Anchor plates are not included in pack, they can be purchased separately. Note you need wall anchor plate for each side of blind. Coach bolts are needed for fixing plate.

HOW TO INSTALL WALL ANCHOR PLATE 1. Measure and mark where plate needs to sit so channel is in line with edge of blind. 2. Mark anchor plate and post at intervals of approximately every 500mm and drill hole. 3. Fix wall anchor plate to post using coach bolts 4. Pass roped edge of blind through channel of anchor plate at both ends. 5. To roll up blind simply unzip each end and pull on cord to roll-up blind,

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