Features Glossary

Australian Made, Custom-made, Measuring, Price Subject to change

Australian Made
The majority of our products are Australian made for Australia's harsh conditions. The Australian design criteria demands the highest performance and durability.

Made according to your exact specifications, versus ready-made that you can get in a home center that has a limited number of sizes available. The sizes in the price chart are for pricing purposes only, but the product is made according to the width and height you give.

Measurements are to be in millimeters. Width first then Drop. e.g. 1540w x 2130d. Advise us if your measurements are the  window opening size or the actual blind size . If in doubt measure the window opening size. We can make the required blind size allowances.

Prices subject to change
Although we try to mantain constant pricing on all our products, sometimes they may increase or decrease depending on the market